Fleet ADI Training Courses in Wakefield and Leeds

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Fleet ADI

Estate agents say "location, location, location."

The government and DSA are saying "eco, eco, eco." CPD plus eco driving are the latest buzz words. Companies are enjoying reduced Insurance premiums for company car drivers and company van drivers.

There is talk of the government funding the development of company drivers and so aiding the battle against exhaust emissions etc and protecting our environment.

  • Do you want to brake into this ever expanding field of driver development.
  • Are you interested in being a major contribution to road safety
  • Can you use your professional skills to the benefit of our environment

Fleet ADI training

  • Are you an ADI becoming bored of L driving?
  • Do you want variety and break into the fleet training sector?

Accredited courses can be taken but at what costs?

  • A full week away from your business and all profits
  • The course fee an average of £800
  • Overnight accommodation for 4 nights minimum
  • The overall cost can exceed £2,000

Why not build on your existing ADI skills with a full day training with Andrew?

  • The day course will start with ironing out any questions you have with the multiple choice part 1 test.
  • Driving assessment and coaching from Andrew bringing your current level up to advanced level enabling you to pass the part 2.
  • Developing your ADI skills to coach drivers up to advanced level in line with the part 3 test.
  • At the end of the day a full written report will be produced to you giving you the ability to practice and strengthen your new skills.

Why not book a days training on your day off? (No loss of profits)

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