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PDI Top Up Training

Are you a dissolusioned PDI?

Have you been training with an establishment that have simply sat you in a classroom with 20-30 other people for 40 hours part 3 training and you spent thousands of pounds for the privilege?

Was free tuition you were promised at your induction with these establishments simply an invitation to return to the same classroom any days you choose to sit through it all again?

Have you been denied exclusive 1:1 training with a trainer and been the victim of diluted 3:1 training sessions?

Is the establishment you chose actually on the Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers? If so was the trainer you were allocated actually an ORDIT Trainer or just the establishment (always check that one out!)

This is the usual story that I hear week in week out. Every training session delivered is on a 1:1 basis with Andrew personally and not an employee or secondary trainer (no dilution of skills whatsoever)

Andrew is on the Offical Register of Driving Instructor Trainers, approved by the DSA, the people who set the tests and has been an ADI for over twenty years. (see about Andrew page)

Part 2 Training

Whether you have failed a part 2 test or simply don’t feel confident in your driving a simple 2 hour assessment with Andrew will find your strengths and highlight any weakness, at the end you will receive a written report and important feedback on your performance.

Andrew has attained the coveted Cardington A Award. Who better to assess your driving ability?

Part 3 Training

Anyone preparing for or has actually taken the part 3 test fully understands the complexities that are involved and the skills that are required are very high to pass this reaching exam.

Andrews 1:1 quality training will open your eyes to say the least and with a systematic approach you will develop the skills required to control the beast.

A two hour training session will give you a clear picture of the following:

  • Your current level of instructional ability
  • Which elements needs strengthening in order to pass both phases.
  • A strong indication as to how much training is required (if any).

Andrew guarantees is that if you don’t learn anything from any training session the amount you’ve paid is fully refunded. To date no refunds have been requested.

A two hour assesment is only £70 Don't delay call today!

Click here to contact Andrew to arrange an assessment.

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