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  • Training PDI’s is much more rewarding, they are changing careers and are much more enthusiastic than L Drivers, and are much more committed pay a much higher rate per hour and consequently really try! It’s a joy…
  • Train from your home, PDI’s will happily travel to you, no more wasting 15 minutes between sessions, fighting through traffic to your next session (an 8 hour working day can be just that. Start and finish at your door).
  • Increased income £30+ per hour as opposed to teens of pounds, less miles on your vehicle (a large percentage of PDI’s use there own car, Iran more, or work less hours, the choice is yours).
  • Train other ADI’s ie. Check test training C.P.D. training. Having respect from other ADI’s is as rewarding as it can be!

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    At any one time there are 15,000 PDI’s undergoing training, each paying unto £4,000 how many of them would you have to attract per year to earn a good income? How many will come back to their mentor for top up training, CPD training, check testing?

    The training is carried out 1:1 basis with Andrew. On completion of the course you will be issued with a certificate which you can display at your premises. Instant credibility to your PDI’s and you can instantly start on your new career as an ADI trainer with the books listed below:

    • Part 1 – Study guide and assessment test
    • Part 2 – Driving manual
    • Part 3 – Instructional manual
    • Part 4 – Complete ADI teaching system for part 3 test

    Andrew will also show you and fully explain how to market yourself successfully as an ADI trainer.

    Andrew has trained ADI’s with as little as 12 months experience to ADI’s with in excess of 30 years experience.

    With quality training an ADI can bring his skills up to the speed required to join the ORDIT Register!

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    Automatic Driving Tuition

    All Hybrid and Electric cars have no gearing and as such are automatic and have no clutch. Automatic is the future.

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    Here’s what happy Driving Instructors had to say
    about AAA Instructor Training:

    Excellent course, I’ve learnt an awful lot. Money very well spent, would recommend you to anyone and that says a lot coming from me, many thanks Andrew

    S.C, ADI, Cumbria

    Thanks for all your help and support throughout the course, I’ve throughly enjoyed it. Thanks to a great man and great teacher.

    K.S, ADI, Derbyshire

    Fantastic course, really fantastic, it’s taken me from thinking I couldn’t do it to knowing I really can

    S.B, ADI, Middlesborough

    Many many thanks Andrew, you opened my eyes from day one. I’ll certainly be employing your system and instructional techniques, I’m a better ADI Trainer for taking the course with you

    D.P, ADI, South Yorkshire

    Your experience showed immediately, no time wasted, no messing about in a classroom just straight to the core subject, letting me pay as I trained was a huge help to me, thank you. Compared to other ADI Trainers you’re absolutely streets ahead of the rest

    R.K, ADI, Leeds

    Brilliant, You listened to my problems brought on from a previous training establishment and worked hard to resolve them with me, I wouldn’t have done it without you. Top shop Andrew, you’re the best instructor I know!

    M.B, ADI, West Yorkshire

    All I can say is absolutely fantastic, your knowledge of the DSA exams is remarkable, wish I’d come to you years ago. Once again thank you. You were brilliant Andrew

    D.D, ADI, Yorkshire

    You came recommended from an ADI as the best in the business, how true that turned out to be, you have the patience of a saint, I frankly can’t thank you enough!!!

    N.J, PDI, West Yorkshire

    Excellent training, being a HGV Instructor I should know, loved every minute of it, I was pushed to my limit every session we had. I’ve not had teaching broken down to it’s core elements like you did and the way you pieced it back together was marvellous, a touch of genius by a genius! I will be recommending you to everyone

    M.R, RTITB, West Yorkshire

    If only I had heard about you earlier I could have saved the £4000 I spent with the establishment in Leeds and not wasted the week they sat me in the classroom, I can see now from your training what is required to pass the part 3 exam, they simply didn’t explain any of it to me. Thank you Andrew for your patience, understanding and training skills I have light at the end of the tunnel

    J.T, PDI, West Yorkshire

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    • All courses are on a 1:1 training ratio
    • Over 30 years experience
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      Andrew started his first PDI training in 1987 and has spent a great deal of time and money developing his skills to offer complete, comprehensive and professional training courses for Potential Diving Instructors and Driving Instructors alike.